Sue Boldt and her husband, Randy, have served in pastoral ministry for over thirty years. However, in the midst of this ministry, she found herself deeply entrenched in an eating disorder, an uncontrollable fantasy thought life, and finally, depression. The Lord Jesus has lovingly and completely demolished these strongholds, bringing healing and restoration. Currently, she is experiencing the Lord as the Great Physician from a medical diagnosis of a rare, aggressive, and incurable cancer.

Her ministry passion is helping men and women come to know God intimately and to experience the freedom to be found in His love and through the power of His Word. She loves speaking to both small and large groups across the country, writing a daily devotional on her Facebook page titled, "Sue Boldt Crosspointe*" and traveling with Randy twice a year to Asia to minister with Youth with a Mission. Her life's other primary joy is being "mom" to her three wonderful children and their amazing spouses, and being "nana" to her precious grandchildren.

Sue's Belief's in Simple Terms...

  • God is greater, more wonderful, and closer than we can imagine.
  • Nothing in creation “just happened.” God made it all.  
  • The Bible is God speaking to us and providing us with the perfect guide for living. 
  • Jesus is God revealing Himself and rescuing us.
  • Faith in Jesus is the only way to have a relationship with God, and that relationship is on the basis of our faith in His sacrifice on the cross and the power of His resurrection.
  • By His Holy Spirit, God works in and through His followers through His fruit born out in theirs lives and demonstrating His Lordship through His gifts.
  • God intends for His church to love, serve, and care for people like Jesus did. 
  • Jesus will return for His Church someday.

*Facebook Devotional LInk: