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Hi Everyone!

I want to invite you to join me for a study of God’s Word that will tremendously bless your walk in greater freedom from life’s stuff. This study is a “drop-in” when you can type Bible Study, so no pressure!

Currently, on both Instagram and a Facebook Group, we are looking at John Bevere’s Christian Classic, “The Bait of Satan.” Don’t let the title dismay you - the study is on the power of forgiveness, and, we all know — forgiveness is essential (even when we don’t want to walk in this) to our freedom, fulfillment, and rising to Jesus’ full potential for us.

To join the women’s only FB Group: CrossPointe Online Bible Study, simply click on this link and answer the one question:

For Instagram: Follow @crosspointe_biblestudy.

Upcoming Steps to Breakthrough:

October 12th - CPD Women’s Retreat - Old Oak Ranch, Sonora, CA. More info to follow.

December 7 - Modesto Foursquare Church, CA More info to follow.

Steps to Breakthrough - Press Through Fear to Freedom!


Hi Everyone!

Be not afraid

These are often God’s words to folks when He is about to do something great as recorded in His Word. Honestly. He knows oh so well.

Be Not Afraid.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7)

Today, I want to encourage you to keep going in your journey of greater freedom in Him. Nevertheless, fear is often the one thing, that genuinely holds us back.

  • I have too much stuff to unpack (i.e. memories with emotions)

  • I don’t want to go there (hurting places)

  • What’s the point, I am no one special, it’s not like God has called me into any type of ministry (oh, so wrong).

We must remember that fear is the enemy’s tool. Sure, our flesh gets nervous, anxious, and yes downright afraid, but first and foremost the devil uses fear to keep us locked up. Locked up from joy, peace, and Holy Spirit power. So today I encourage you to keep going, keep seeking Jesus for what He wants to unlock you from next.


If you feel like you have fallen back into old lies, patterns, and behaviors that you broke free from previously at a Steps to Breakthrough event – or anywhere with Jesus – remember all is not lost. My go-to verses when I stumbled into old patterns while on my freedom journey from fantasy thoughts (one of my stongholds based on the lie that I wasn’t good enough), are Psalm 37:23-24

The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD, And He delights in his way. Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down; For the LORD upholds him with His hand.

You may have slipped, but you haven’t fallen all the way back into being ensnared by a lie. Your temptation to stumble back into old belief patterns is coming from outside of your soul, not within it where the lie was broken in Jesus’ Name. If you are uncertain of this, break the agreement with the lie immediately and get back on the “horse” of truth Jesus has spoken to your heart about this matter. Got it?

Now, back to NOT being afraid to pursue greater healing in Christ. Name the first three major soul issues you still deal with that come to your mind:

1.      ____________

2.      ____________

3.      ____________


  • Prayerfully ask the Lord which behavior HE wants to go after.

  • Now, go after the lie that you believe is at the root of this issue.

  • Ask for the Spirit’s help to remember your youth and when you may have felt this way before Ps. 139:23-24.

  • Recall what we did during Steps to Breakthrough, recognizing what your emotions/reactions where at the time of the incident to reveal the lie you believe about yourself 1 Cor. 1:11-12.

  • Break your agreement with this lie, in Jesus’ Name Luke 10:17-20.

Finally, asking Jesus to speak His truth to you in its place John 8:31-32.

  • It may take days or months to continue to walk in your new-found freedom, but y’all know what to do:

  • The power of His Word Meeting Him in the Secret Place

  • Asking for the Holy Spirit to fill you to overflowing

Honestly, that is about as easy as it gets. And, yes, I know it sometimes doesn’t seem that easy, but trust me, it gets easier as you go, and fear bows under the feet of Jesus in your life.

If you need help, feel free to respond back to me, or better yet, reach out to your pastor/pastor’s wife/women’s ministry leader/lay counselor, or I can help you find professional or pastoral help.

Book Recommendation: For a great summer read that will make you laugh out loud, challenge, and bless you, try Love Does by Bob Goff!

Upcoming Steps to Breakthrough: (Check out for registration info)

  • June 29, Manhattan Beach, CA

  • August 10, Concord, CA

  • August 31, Fairfield, CA

Love to all!




Steps to Breakthrough Resource!


Hi Everyone!

As I shared in our introductory email to you a few weeks ago, these new Steps to Breakthrough resources, that I will send every other week (hopefully!), are meant to encourage your walk in greater freedom in the Lord Jesus.

God created our minds and hearts! And He desires for us to be completely renewed, as much as we let Him, this side of heaven. Truly, He restores our soul…(Psalm 23:3)

For the past year, at almost every Steps to Breakthrough event, I usually share about Dr. Caroline Leaf and her study and work as a Christian neuroscientist in regard to renewing our minds (Romans 12:1-2). Although she doesn’t teach in depth about spiritual warfare or how our agreements with the enemy need to be broken, she does address renewing our minds based on God’s Word.

I have found in my own life that the Lord’s deliverance takes place in a moment! However, walking out in my new found freedom from lies I have believed about myself and God usually takes some time. Dr. Leaf offers a great program for us to be in intentional about our thoughts concerning any area of our lives where we are seeking total deliverance and freedom. I have used this program several times when I have felt vulnerable in my thoughts — and I highly recommend it.

Dr. Leaf’s Twenty-One Day Brain Detox is powerful! LOL! I know it sounds new-agey but it is all Bible based. I want to encourage you to get a one-year subscription of this program to learn to be intentional about your walk with Jesus and your thought life. The daily videos/teaching only last about 5-10 minutes and I do it directly from my phone. The cost is $29 for the year and it is WELL WORTH IT. I personally don’t gain anything by your signing up, except the joy of knowing how the Lord may use this program in your life.

Please pray about it and consider the Twenty-One Day Brain Detox. Click below for more information…

June Steps to Breakthrough Events:

June 15 - Fresno, CA - The Adventure Church - Interested? More info to come

June 29 - Manhattan Beach, CA - My Home!! - Registration beginning June 4th,

Welcome to Steps Resources!


Hi Beautiful!

This is our launch post for creating an ongoing resource center to aid your walk in greater freedom in the Lord Jesus!

Because you have participated or registered for a Steps to Breakthrough event in the past, you should have received an invitation email from me yesterday, April 29th, sharing this new resource. I have created a page on my website,, especially for Steps attendees and you have automatically been given a subscription to receive these encouraging emails. Should you not want to participate, please feel free to unsubscribe by scrolling to the bottom of this email or any email you receive from Steps Resources in the future – and click on unsubscribe.

This week’s resource is an invitation to join me for an online Bible study by Joyce Meyer, “Battlefield of the Mind.” The informal, six-week study begins Monday, May 6, on both Facebook and Instagram. Simply drop by at your convenience and read the short excerpt from the study each day, Monday – Friday, and be encouraged and challenged by Joyce’s teaching.

To join the women-only Facebook closed group, CrossPointe Online Bible Study, simply click on the link below and answer at least one of the questions so that I know you are genuinely interested. Don’t worry, there are no right/wrong answers!

To join on Instagram, simply follow the study @crosspointe_bible study

The title of this study says it all: our thought-lives are the battlefield where the enemy of our soul desires to speak his lies to us and keep us from all that Jesus wants to do in and through us.  Much of what was shared at your Steps to Breakthrough event will be enhanced by this study of God’s Word. It is powerful, because God’s Word is powerful!

You do not need to have the study/workbook to participate, but I highly recommend getting it in the combined, 2-in-1 edition. Here is the Amazon link for purchase:

God bless you richly, dear sistah! We hope to continue to be a blessing to your life!