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For your free gift of a pdf version of the first chapter of my book Refresh, click here.

The Lord JESUS graciously delivered me from a moderate depression that I labored under in my mid-thirties. He then walked me out of the addiction of an eating disorder and a uncontrollable thought life.  Your gift is the first chapter of a Bible Study entitled Refresh. Now, as I share at various retreats and events, Refresh, has become my #1 best resource for introducing men and women to freedom in Christ for every area of their thought lives and for healing from their life's hurts. 

If this first chapter of Refresh speaks to your heart, you may want to purchase a Kindle or paperback version of the entire Bible Study from Amazon, by clicking here.

Refresh is appropriate for individual and group study and is a treasure trove of Scripture revealing the heart and willingness of God to heal, restore, and refresh His precious

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